Due diligence

Every entrepreneur needs to know the state of his business. Our attorneys have extensive experience in carrying out comprehensive legal audits for both domestic and foreign companies operating in Slovakia. Verify the legal condition of your business and prevent legal threats that endanger your business. Whether you need to review a specific area of ​​your business (such as business contracts, business-related permits/licenses, employment relationships, etc.) or need to know the overall status / value of your business, we will offer you flexible and cost-effective legal services tailored to suit your specific needs.

We will conclude the legal audit with an analysis or report in which we:

  • inform you about general findings on the legal status of your company;
  • provide you with an in-depth analysis of individual sectors or aspects of your business to the extent required to identify the legal risks and their gravity;
  • provide practical proposals for elimination / minimalization of the identified legal risks;
  • identify legal consequences of non-compliance with the recommendations to eliminate/minimize identified legal risks.

We provide legal services in close cooperation with advisors specializing on tax, audit & accounting. If necessary, we will be pleased to provide you with a comprehensive legal and economic audit of your company.

Growing a successful business with you.