Criminal law

Life brings many unexpected situations. It is not pleasant to be in any way involved in a crime and participate in criminal proceedings. However, we will be pleased to help you even in these situations, and we will help you to go through the whole criminal proceedings confidently, without unnecessary worries and uncertainty. Whether you are a notifier, a suspect, an accused, a defendant, a convicted person, a person who incurred damage by a crime, or a witness, we offer you our expertise to protect your rights and interests in the criminal proceedings to the fullest extent possible.

With our expertise in tax law, we will also provide you with effective legal assistance in prosecution regarding the crimes of shortening and non-payment of taxes and insurance, tax fraud, or in case of prosecution for other economic crimes.

If you are an entrepreneur, keep in mind that not only statutory bodies, employees or other representatives of your company are at risk of criminal prosecution, but such risks also apply to your business company as such, which may be criminally liable like you. Prevent criminal risks already in the initial phase and do not expose your business to undesirable legal consequences.

In the area of criminal law, we offer you the following legal services:

  • legal analyses on criminal risks related to your business activities and your business relationships;
  • communication with law enforcement and judicial authorities;
  • representation and participation in criminal proceedings before law enforcement authorities in the pre-trial investigation phase (e.g. participation in interrogations, etc.);
  • representation in criminal proceedings;
  • submission of proposals, requests and remedies in order to protect your rights and legally protected interests in criminal proceedings.
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